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    last weekend in atlantic city with danielle. friday with earl on long island then a quick trip to the jerzzz shore saturday for clean head high leftovers. it took a little planning and traveling but this season is off to a sick start. no complaints here

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    Indeed we got blessed with some great waves. Danielle was decent but Earl really went off. I knew N.J. was going to be good on Saturday but I was done after 3hrs with Earl on Friday. I just wished Earl would of stayed offshore a little longer. But Fri Sept 3rd was special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbiz135 View Post
    But Fri Sept 3rd was special.
    **** yeah it was
    Building off shore conditions all day

    i think i put so much mileage on my short board that day
    defiantly a solid day of waves
    just kept growning

    didnt even need a step up

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    Anybody got any good pics/vids of Earl in Long Beach?