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Thread: 6'4" Sharpeye

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    6'4" Sharpeye

    I bought this board new from Malibu's. Rode it a few times then never had any time to surf because of work. I was also 30lbs lighter (about 172) when I bough it so it's too small for me now. No dings, excellent condition. Asking $375 but send a reasonable offer. Will meet half way to deliver. If you like more pics just let me know.
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    is it a round pin of a squash?

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    squash tail

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    still for sale

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    Dropped the price to $325

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    Board is currently at Chauncey's on 28th street. I also have a mens large/tall ripcurl 3/2 core series that has been barely used. Let me know if you are interested and I will send over a few picks.