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    Going back to the ORIGINAL topic of the post...........

    Are we all in ageence that we will be sporting speedo's next year. I raise my hand and say "Aye". I think this is a spectacular thought. And let's also be glutine's this winter as to expand our waist lines quite and bit and be ready for next summer with large guts hanging over our speedos. Of course this will require some investment into larger wetsuits this winter, but I think the investment will be well worth the return as the speedo that is lodged firmly up our communial ass cheeks is easily seen from the beach as we ride front side down the wave. And with that being said, I propose this rule.

    Only frontside rides permitted during the summer while sporting speedo's.

    Do I hear a 2nd motion?

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    I second that motion hahaha. Though there are a few weeks left this year...

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    Everyone should also start taking creatine and possibly a testosterone booster, but be sure to keep working out to a MINIMUM so we can have disgusting backs as well.

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    tramp stamps

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    assless wetsuits

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    speedo = no rash on your balls. for years i have thought about buying one and wearing it under my old navy trunks ($10 on sale) to prevent the rash.

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    We could also take it to the level of nascar and shave our favorite sponsors into our backs. I mean, afterall, isn't that what the stereotypical surfer looks like, a billboard of brands, just like nascar.

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    Everything said here is right on the money. I guess I'm also a true surf dork to the point when I'm shopping for a car (new or used) I'm figuring out what size boards and how many I can fit inside it and on top. How many compartments to store crap and how well the interior will take the beating of getting in and out with wetsuits on (I don't buy light color interiors). Color and options take a back seat to functionality. The only thing I bring when looking at a car is a tape measure.

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    i enjoy me some flip flops, vans, AND jordans..

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyav13 View Post
    assless wetsuits

    Only on Fire Island....I hear...