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Thread: Go Pro HD Surf

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    Go Pro HD Surf

    Any Reviews on this Camera? Also, Any ideas where to get it for cheaper? is $233 a good price? I found an old thread here, but it seems to be talking about the old Go pro Non-HD

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    I bought mine 2 months ago, I got the motorsports hero, because I use it on my helmet, and other spots on my motorcycle and dirtbikes.
    oh and for 300$.....comes with plenty of mounts, and pivots.

    I orginally got it to use on my board, but never got the mount for it, which is like 20$ I think.......
    it takes great video, wide angle....the photos are decent too.

    my suggestion is, read the manual thoroughly...........and do some test shots.
    The first time i took it in the water was during Earl, trying to get some nice barrel shots of people, but it seemed to take the pictures on a delay

    heres one for example:
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    My girlfriend just got me the HD Surf Hero for my birthday. Used it once but without it mounted on my board. It really is fun and awesome to use. I can't wait to mount it and get some sweet footage and pics. I think $233 is a great price. Most places have them for $260+ for the HD. I just uploaded a Go Pro video and waiting for it to be approved... it's not my video, but one of the best ones I've seen. Here is the link to watch it... simply incredible..