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Thread: Winter Wetsuits

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    Quote Originally Posted by richp12 View Post
    rockets are super dope just be very gentle
    eyah dude, i love it so far. it's super ersponsive but very smooth at the same time. biggest it's been out was on a head high day and i think it's going to stay that way. it doesn't paddle nearly as fast as my 6'1

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    Always get warmer than you think you'll need. dont let some shop retailer sell you the lighter stuff. That will make you come back again for the warmer gear a month later. Your muscles will thank you later. Study!!

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    when too warm/hot I've found that I can feel sluggish and tired

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    Actually, the worst thing about surfing in water around 40 and under is duck diving. It's like dunking your face in a tub full of ice water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mOtion732 View Post
    i dono but i just got a 5'8 lost rocket and i'm ****in psycheddddddddd
    i've been looking at that board for a while. looks super fun... does it turn really easy for quick snaps and sliding the fins out? and can it be used as a regular shortboard in solid head high surf?