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    If anyones got some reviews on theses suits i would love to hear them. I'm looking for a new 4/3mm for a decent price. Here are some of the suits I'm looking at (all chest zips);

    - O'Neill Superfreak F.U.Z.E 4/3mm
    - Xcel X-Flex X-zip 4/3mm
    - Billabong Foil 4/3mm
    - Quiksilver Syncro 4/3mm


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    I love my RC 5/5/4 Ebomb! I use 7 mil boots and 5 mil l claws, both flash bomb . I was gonna get the RC 3/2 Ebomb or Flash....does anyone have the flash? Do you feel it really dries faster? My boots and gloves are comfortable but I am not convinced they dry any faster.



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    I have a rip curl e bomb 5x3mm and it fell to bits. i purchased from this company surf shop they replaced it and it been good as gold, had it now for around 3 seasons. Really flexible and super light, great wetsuit and service from the place i bought it from!
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    Im thinking of buying a Hurley Icon 403 4/3 suit. Does anybody have any comments on hurley wetsuits or that one in perticular?

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    Hey guys quick question. Started surfing in the winter and bought an O'Neill Epic 4/3. Works good. It is getting warm though and I don't go enough to justify buying a springsuit just yet.

    Is it better to go shirtless or wear the 4/3 in the warmer months? Living in NJ btw

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    Hey dudes & dudettes, I'm about to pull the trigger on the newest Xcel 3/2 dry lock and wanted to get a review on how deep into fall/winter it could go. I'm trying to be a two suit guy (3/2 & 5/4 only) and ditch the 4/3 entirely, and I'm thinking that the 3/2 dry lock is just as warm as any other 4/3 on the market--but I could be wrong, so that's why I'm asking you all. Any help is appreciated!

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    I have a hyperflex shortsleeve comp and it sucks. It was the cheaper model and it feels like it. Really stiff and the arms are too short/tight while the legs are super long (I'm 6'2") for an XL. Maybe their higher end stuff is good but I hate this thing.

    My O'neil Psycho II 3/2 is the bomb though!

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    Looking at a XCEL 3/2 X-Zip Comp. Anyone have one or have any feedback. I currently have a 3/2 ripcurl dawn patrol that is really not that warm so im looking to upgrade. Also any feedback on sizing compared to say ripcurls. Im 6' around 185-190. according to their sizing chart, a Large should work for me, but just wanna get some thoughts before i purchase cuz some suits im a Large tall. its on whiskey which is why im asking (for sizing)

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    i just got the drylock 3/2 chest zip off whiskey. it came yesterday. it was my first xcel so i just went with the size chart. @ 5'7" 160lb the chart had me with the MS. it feels just alittle too snug and im not sure if i should return it and get a larger size or did i finally get the right sized suit and it will loosen up a bit.

    i wish i would have bought the MS and a M to compare them and then returned one. maybe you can do that.
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    i think they let you return. you should try a M or LS