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    Anyone have an O'Neill Epic II 3/2? Looking to get a new 3/2 and this looks like a good option for the money. Any thoughts?

    I had one a while back, but sold it.

    It's an okay suit (more entry level, hence the price). I did get some serious neck and pit rashes which I attribute to it not having taped seams.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am also looking at the Hyperflex FLOW Full Wetsuit 3/2. Seems like a better option and there has been a lot of positive feedback of Hyperflex on here. Matt, is that what you wear?


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    This thread is a great idea...

    I currently have:

    Hyperflex Amp 6/5/4 This year will be this suits third season. Overall, for the price I've been very happy. I'll probably buy another when this one wears out. Only issue thus far is one of the plastic lock things that keeps the cord tight broke, but was an easy fix.

    Prior to this I had a 5/4/3 Rip curl. That suit lasted me 5 solid seasons, and held together remarkably well. I was extremely happy with it, but they just got too expensive. With kids, I'm a little tighter with funds so i took a chance on the Hyperflex. However the Rip Curl really was a nice suit. The inside eventually kind of started disintegrating, but the way I treated that suit it owed me nothing. in fact, I'm amazed the seams never failed me.

    Prior to that one, my 5 mil was an Oneil and I had two bad experiences with seams blowing out, and a bad time with their CS dept so I stopped buying their suits.

    Hyperflex Cyclone 3/2 Real;ly a low end 3/2. Seams stiched not glued, zip straight up the back etc... However serves it's purpose well, and only cost like $80 online. I had a really nice rip curl 3/2 that i replaced. The rip curl was nicer in every way, but cost 3-4 times as much. Couldn't justify it. I just throw my winter suit on a little earlier now and sweat it out for a few weeks.

    Body Glove 2/1 long sleeve spring I love long sleeve spring suits. This one has been great and was cheap. Got it on clearance for like $55

    Rip Curl Boots-7m Used and abused for many seasons. These things are great.

    Hyperflex Boots Not sure of thickness, they seem to run a little small, not great feeling so I've hardly used them. They are in my trunk all winter for the day my rip curls fail....if that day ever comes

    Xcell 7 m mittens I can't say enough about these things. Extremely warm, and on their third season. prior to getting these, I never had a pait of gloves make it through one season without leaking, and I tried all kinds. These things are Highly Recomended. Warm enough to get swamp hands though if the water isn't that cold, but thats OK with me.

    I wash my suits about 2 times per season, and don't usually rinse them after each surf (I know I should) but I just don't. I don't ever leave them hanging in the sun. Let them air dry in the shade. Never used wetsuit specific shampoo, just mild detergent. I get decent wear out of my suits historically.

    I feel you can get through all NJ seasons with 2 suits and one set of boots and gloves in relative comfort. Basically a 3/2, and a hooded winter of 5 mil or better, plus boots and gloves of at least 5mil. Spring suit is optional, but can throw the 3/2 on instead and just be a little extra warm. I have friends that have suits of every thickness so their always at absolute peak comfort, but seems like a waste to me. I'm a relatively big guy too, so the extra effort of paddling in a heavier suit doesn't hinder me that much. My gut and lack of general conditioning is more of a hinderence then an extra mil of rubber.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i have a west 4/3 nitro i like nice and warm great for the weather we gt down south the only thing is i wish it had ben taped but it still kept me nice and warm.
    thn today i got a 1mm body glove vapor top that has to have been the best top i have had nice and stretchy and warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2MARG8 View Post
    Thanks for the feedback. I am also looking at the Hyperflex FLOW Full Wetsuit 3/2. Seems like a better option and there has been a lot of positive feedback of Hyperflex on here. Matt, is that what you wear?

    I got a Amp 3/2 it basicly the same thing just a bit more flexible I was gonna get the Flow but the guy at Wetsuit world in stone harbor had a left over from the fall and gave me a great deal in it since he had to move it to make way for the 2010 line

    I also got the 5/4/3 flow best winter suit I have ever had

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    5/4//3 O'neill mutant- very stretchy, Hood can be a pain to zip at first- toast
    3/2 gooru- very stretchy - 1 year, seems like the rubber liner inside is falling apart

    5mm o'neil lobster-toast
    7mm rip curl boots- toast

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    I just bought a 5/4 Xcel hooded drylock chest zip- im pretty pumped to see how it feels this winter
    4/3 Rip curl F-Bomb with a zipper less entry- ive had it for about 3 years now and its has held up pretty nicely, only complaint is its pretty hard to get on and off
    3/2 E-Bomb chest zip- just bought it at the end of this summer, ive worn it about 3 times on some dawn patrols, its a very flexible and light suit.

    i am also about to pick up a pair of Xcel drylock booties, has anyone had these?

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    I got my first Xcel 5/4/3 last year - it's a great suit, think you'll be very happy. The newer ones have the thermobarrier down into your legs. Mine was a Whiskey Militia leftover, so it was an older model that only had insulation on the chest panels. Still very warm. On smaller winter days it's barely wet on in the inside. My son has the youth version of this suit, and he feels the same way.

    By coincidence, I also have a Rip Curl 3/2 E-Bomb Pro (chest-zip). Think it's the most stretchy suit I've ever had, but it has no inside insulation or smooth neoprene on the outside of the chest or back. So it's not as warm as other 3/2's I've had. Wish I had paid closer attention when I bought it. I was taken in by the price and flexibility. I do really like the suit, it just has a smaller window for use than I'd like.

    So then I have to pull out the old O'Neill Psycho II 4/3. I came into some "funny money" and splurged on this suit several years ago. It's still a good suit, very warm and flexible, and I really like the way O'Neill cuts the arms. If Psycho II's were chest zips, I'd probably have a couple of these. Not cheap, but seems like it was good value for the $.

    I have Xcel Drylock 7mm booties. Amazing. Never been cold in the winter, they're actually too warm by the end of March. And they don't feel too thick either. I got them discounted on WM, but I wouldn't hesitate to pay full price for them now. Same for the Xcel 5/4/3. Thinking about picking up a pair of 5mm Drylock's for the Oct-Dec period. My son will inherit my old 5mm's.

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    3/2 O'Neill Epic II, back zip Decent entry level suit (blind stitch, no taped or glued seams). Will keep you warm up until you need a hood. Kept it a few years and it held up very well. Sold it because it was a bit big for me, plus I would get some nasty rashes on the neck and pits. Wasn't sure if it was due to being a bit large or the untaped/glued seams.

    3/2 Rip Curl Classic Answer, back zip Similar to the O'Neill. Decent entry level suit (blind stitch, no taped or glued seams). Will keep you warm up until you need a hood. Actually looking to sell this one (it's a Med).

    2mm Quiksilver 5Cel, long sleeve, short leg, back zip Very well made (taped & glued). Great if the water's on the cool side or there's been an upwelling, if the air is cold or there's a wind chill. I consider it more of a luxury piece. I don't really need it, but it's been nice to have when the 3/2 is too warm/hot, but it's not warm enough for trunks.

    3/2 O'Neill Mutant, switchable neck and hood attachements with chest style zip in front and back Very well made (taped & glued + gaskets on the cuffs). Great, great suit. Very versatile with the removable hood. Keeps me warm enough even when the water dips below 50. The Mutant makes sooo much sense as a 3/2. I would definitely get this again, but it's been holding up great so far.

    5/4 XCel Infinity, hooded, chest zip Another very well made suit (taped & glued). Keeps me warm through the coldest days of winter. It's been very good to me. Holding up well.

    3mm XCel Infinity, 5 finger gloves Well made, no problems. Don't need, but nice to have as a go between the 5mm and bare hands.

    5mm XCel Infinity, lobster claws Again, well made, no problems. Keeps me warm through the coldest days of winter.

    5mm XCel Infinity, split-toe booties Well made, no problems. Keeps me warm through all but the coldest days of winter. But, still not too bad on the coldest days. Considering getting 7mm. Don't feel the need for 3mm for early spring or late fall.

    For me I don't see the need for a 4/3 w/ how well the Mutant does. And, I don't get cold enough for a 6mm suit either.

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    3mm 5 finger xcel gloves - great for late fall, early winter. they are on their 3rd season and still going strong. i hear ppl say how they go through one pair of gloves/year and i have no idea why.

    5mm xcel lobster claws - love them. this will be their 3rd winter w/ no problems yet.

    3mm and 5mm xcel boots - 3mm have been fine, but the 5's are not enough to get me through winter. after hour 2 my feet start to go numb and it creeps up my legs and ruins my surfing. i deal w/ it, but 7mm boots are on the list for this yr.