Anyone have any experience with hyperflex wetsuits? I was thinking about getting a 4/3 at the end of winter.
I have the 6/5/4 Amp. 3rd season and still nice and toasty. Much warmer then the Rip Curl 5/4/3 it replaced, a tad less flexible. I'll replace it with another Hyperflex when it fails, either AMP or FLOW. I think the FLOW today is what the AMP was 3 years ago, so I'll probably go with it.

I was out on the 19th for about 4 hours. Wasn't cold. I always had 5/4/3 suits prior to this one, but I'll be rocking the 6 mil from here on out. I love to do long sessions and the extra warmth is really nice. I don't mind the extra thickness.

I bought Hyperflex boots, not overly impressed. I rarely use them. Could just be a bad fit for my feet though, I ordered them and I think it's worth trying boots on first.