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Thread: 96hr kast

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    "Having multiple lows doesn't really mean anything. It is just an elongated frontal system since it is picking up the remnants of tropical storm Nicole"

    Yeah, but it is throwing swell up the southeast coast. Currently Wilmington-Wrightsville is chest to overhead with offshore winds. Looks better than the last two hurricane swells. Monday-Tues light offshores (during the lulls) and waist-shoulder.

    Swellinfo has been off on the winds for the southeast lately. Yesterday swellinfo had forecasted sw,sse onshore/sideshore winds for Emerald Isle and it blew out of the north lightly all day. Looked fun!

    Give me a cold front or low medium period swell over hurricane surf anyday. It sets up better for our sandbars.

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    My question is what is providing the extra period to the upcoming swell on monday and tuesday?