I tell you what. Right now a 6/5/4, a howling noreaster, head high messy waves, 34 degree water and a wind chill of 27 sounds GREAT. And best of all there wouldn't be a f#@%&$g TOURIST IN SIGHT. I went to the beach today, just to get some sun. I went to NS, i saw 37 "surfers" with brand new shiney boards, half of them softtops, newbies were plaguing the water. There were about 5 actual surfers that knew what they were doing, and half the time the A**HOLES wouldn't get out of the way of a decent longboarding wave!!!.

Sorry for the rant... But if your new to the sport and can seem to catch anything decent, YEILD TO THE PEOPLE THAT CAN. And hell if you stop putting up the polyester road block on us, we might give you a couple pointers that will help you catch a couple waves. Then we all can have fun......

Lets all have fun and enjoy the ocean. Live to surf, Surf to live.