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    WetSuit Boot Question

    Hey guys,
    I've been surfing for years but never ventured out into the cold surf. this year I decided to buy a wetsuit and extend the season.
    I purchase a billabong SG5 4:3 suit with 5mm gloves and Booties.

    Upond turning my booties inside out I discovered what appears to be seems that are not totally sealed. they are sealed from the outside but the inside looks like it had its glue seem pulled. These are brand new and never used.
    Is this an issue? would you recommend returning it.
    the other boot is perfectly sealed seems.

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    yea defiently return them and see whats up. that just isnt right.

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    hey thanks for the reply. I was just waiting for someone else to say that!
    I feel bad cause I went back and exchanged the gloves for a different size, now Im bringing the boots back.
    they are gonna love me!

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    Just an update... I exhanged the booties for a different pair.
    am now again looking foward to (kinda) hitting some cold water surf!

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    don't feel too bad. i'm not sure where your from but i live in jersey. i gotta 5/4 wettie, 7mm booties, 5mm gloves, and a 5mm hood. And i have to where that basicly december threw april ;(