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Thread: Slater

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    if ur owen wright you just beat him 4 times in 12 months...hahaha!

    if jordy gets a fifth or under in PR, kelly wins. if jordy get higher, things get technical. kelly gets 2 the quarters, he winds no matter what. i think it should be interesting if things go down at wilderness?

    i heard rumors of where they want to hold it, but truth be told...if the SWELL hits (and you know the one I'm talking about!) it will go down at wilderness or tres with the skis. but there are so many waves within 1 hour of rincon. can't wait to see!
    i've also heard wilderness, but also possibly up near isabella. i guess we'll find out. tons of cool spots all around, everyone unique in their own right. wherever it's at, it'll be 1 hell of a contest, especially with kelly going for it all

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    not related to slater, but about damien hobgood vs matt wilkinson

    wilkinson killed it!! How did he not win that heat?? I mean dont get me wrong, I'm a goofy footer and east coaster so definitely a fan of damo, but there is no way he should have scored higher. wilkinson was getting barreled and doing way progressive maneuvers...all damo did was a couple floaters

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    slater is a monster.