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Thread: today was...

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    a lot easier to find barrels on a bodyboard

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    Long Branch was so much fun yesterday had some perfect conditions when I went out nice barrels and long lines. At one point only me and 2 other guys out having a blast. Water starting to get a little cold i was chilly in my 3/2 drylock after surfing for 4 hours

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    Apr 2008
    i wasn't on a boogieboard and i wasn't getting barrels but it was really good here

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    me with no wet suit yesterday!
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    It was fine down here in Cape May, however only 2 spots actually had something surf-able. Plenty of bodyboarding waves though, myself and my buddy were two of the few people who were out from what we could tell. Nice and clean waist and occasionally a few larger waves until dusk when the wind picked up.