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    Jul 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA

    looking for a longboard

    I'm from VA Beach and am going to be working in the Ft. Walton Beach area for about a year. I'm looking for a 9'6"+ longboard to buy to keep here for when I'm in town. I'll pay a reasonable price for the right board that meets my needs. Either a beater I'll leave here when I go home for good or something nicer I will take home with me and add to my quiver.

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    Red face

    Try Fluid surf shop in Ft. Walton--they might have some used boards. Also, if you don't
    mind the drive, try Innerlight in Gulf Breeze and Waterboyz in Pensacola.
    I got a good deal on a used 8 footer at Waterboyz the other week while visiting
    family in Navarre.
    Hope this helps you

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    theres a lil shop called aqua in destin. not a huge selection but still last time i checked they had a noice quiver. And they gave me a Sick deal for me woody

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    Jul 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA


    Thanks for the info, guys. By the way, I have been here for about 3 weeks now and I haven't seen anything ridable even on a log. What can I realistically expect in the way of surf here?

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    just got here 4 weeks ago. i miss 1st street jetty, croatan, outer banks and the way the lighthouse used to be, you know what im talking about rockajet, if you find i break i would appreciate the info.

  6. #6 will this bad boy due for ya?

    For Sale:

    longboard Tommy Daniels NXTC / J. Hathaway custom Coke Bottle Green tint Clark Foam 1" Balsa Stringer w/ Black Glue Ups

    9' X 18" X 22 1/2" X 14 3/4" X 2 7/8"

    Wingnut Woody Fin

    $600 USD obo
    serious intersest only
    cell # 941.713.5462

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