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  1. SurfSpots in Myrtle Beach

    I usually surf around 64th avenue, every other day. I'm looking for some new places to try out, anyone have some nice spots?

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    some spots worth checking out are 39th and spring maid pier.
    39th is usually really crowded on the weekends and spring maid is slightly sketchy but worth it, as it usually has a tad bit better waves. wherever you go, share the waves and stay stoked!

  3. Thanks man, i'll be sure to check them out.

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    The best waves I caught in my MB years were at the Landmark on 16th Ave So., Pier 14, and of course, the Dirty Dunes Club swash. Apache Pier was also a standout but it's not worth the trouble.

  5. Around what avenue is the Dunes club? Thanks for the spots.

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    Dunes is like 90th avenue N. No public parking you have to be a member.

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    you can drive up to lake arrowhead road and park somewhere past ocean annies etc. and access the dunes club swash from that direction- prolly worth it you have time on good swell, it's considered by many to be the best spot in MB and is uncrowded b/c of the access issue.

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    39 ave so.

  9. Thanks guys, i'll be sure to try and check out the dunes club.