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Thread: RIP Andy Irons

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    Unhappy RIP Andy Irons

    Andy Irons died this morning death still undetermined

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    i wuz watchin' thu rip curl comp. thu uther day and they said hee missed hiz heat due 2 1 thought it wuz THAT BAD! man....

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    it must have had gotten worse, he will be greatly missed

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    wow...we are all mere mortals, remember that.

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    ****UPDATE**** he died of dengue fever, a viral disease

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    whole story

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    Sympathy to the Irons family

    Crazy... I read somewhere that Dengue fever has a less than 1% mortality rate.

    Wonder if there was some contributing factor. Like it was a worse version of Dengue fever or something.

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    Heart and Prayers go out to the family

    Terrible news,only 32 years old.Makes you wonder how he contracted this.God Bless him.

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    Here's info on Dengue Fever from the WHO website.

    Sounds like it's a growing problem...