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    HELP! need local knowledge...

    hey there everyone...

    i'm down near Cape Fear, in Southport, North Carolina...
    i was hoping to do some surfing today or tommorrow...

    maybe somewhere on Oak Island, or Caswell beach...
    never been here before, and could use some local insight...
    i need to rent or borrow a board, and pick a spot to surf...

    any help would be appreciated...


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    you should go to masonboro. if you don't know where that is I'm sure some of these great people up here would tell ya. it's pretty desolate and uncrowded with a rock reef. go for it.

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    just drive around and look at the closest beaches, eyes are the best surf report. If you need a board there are tons of surf shops that rent boards so ask around.

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    should be good swell all weekend

    well J you picked a good weekend to be here. It's been flatter than I4 asphalt for the past few weeks. This weekend should be good waist high at all east facers. The south facers are usually at a bad angle. Thats just my opinion.

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    kure or carolina

    Man your best bet is going to be a 30 min ferry ride from southport to fort fisher and then a short drive to kure or carolina beach(less than 3 miles).