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    I've got a pair of birdwells and love em. There have been days where I got all rashed up from a pair of superfreaks. For the second session I throw on the birdwells and no more rubbing or rash. Probably wouldn't have lasted very long that second sesh if it wasn't for the birdwells. Most importantly... they are MADE IN THE USA. Unlike all the other marketing hype pro-ho crap out there. People need to support the local guys more.

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    The best goes by the boards

    Birdies are the best. Been wearing them for years. It was great to call out to place and order and talk to one of the family members. They would make them the way you want for size and length. Last forever. Thankfully I still have four pairs. This is a tough time for small business. Hope 2011 is better. Surfs up today. Mahalo

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    Love me Birdies... I must have a bag full of Birdies going back to the 70s when I was a crack-thin guy. They last forever, made in USA, no rashes, are cut above the knee and I don't get dizzy looking at them. I may need to fill out my stock... although, like I said, they do last forever!