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    local shaper

    I just wanted to take the time to thank all the local following out there who understand the importance of supporting and building a relationship with experienced local shapers. I've read many of the posts people have commented on my work and greatly appreciate all the kind words. Developing a relationship is more than just local support it creates better surfers by developing better personalized equipment. Surfers will gain more knowledge in their equipment and therefore become better surfers

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    screw pop outs! If Jon Ashton ever throws in the towel I will def come and see you Brian!!

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    I know this is going to sound like an advertisement...but please understand this is admiration and appreciation I have for Brian's work as a customer...

    I have had around 15 of Brian's boards over the last 7ish years or so...the quality of all of them have been incredible. After getting back into surfing after grad. school, and jumping off a longboard, I purchased one of Brian's boards and have never looked back! Since that time, I have only purchased 1 board that was not a Wynn and sold that off quickly anyway! Further, of the customs I have had...all glassed incredibly and exactly what I was asking or looking for from EPS to PU...from epoxies to standard fiberglass resins to ResinX...I can't say enough about Brian's boards...always awesome. Further, he is incredible guy in and out of the water! The pic below is my latest custom that I love..5'9"x19 1/4"x2 1/4" Wynn Rocket...thing just flat out rips! Can't wait to make another order...Brian...I can't say enough of how glad I am your in the NJ definitely have my business...thanks again for all your work!

    Tom S.

  4. my wynn 9'6''. I love it! Me and 2 of my buddies are haven 3 sups being made right now i cant wait!

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    hey brian im actually looking into having a board shaped and all I hear is great things about your work. if you can send me a private message or ill just email you

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    Tom Mahady

    I have Mahady customs shaping me a board right now, the guy was really great with it. He talked me through the whole process and really let me see the board evefry step taken through shaping it. I'm waiting for the finished product now, I'll post pictures when I can.