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    And in this case , things do add up if your intellgent enough to see the proof presented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staystoked View Post
    Everyone hate cops! But when your getting attacked by a rusty homeless man with mad cow disease and a hot cup of coffe as a weapon to blind you and steal your change ( true story) those cops that everyone hate are the first ones you call. Crooked or not we need them more then we hate em
    Thats why I carry a gun. Be time the cops get there, you are a statistic. In my case, the perp is the statistic.

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    CM-Surf , that's exactly what I did when I got arrested , I could tell something was really not right so I used the right not to say anything. But I was still shipped to Snow Hill, the whole situation still makes no sense at all. They sent me to jail because the officer identified me (complete lie) and that was enough proof at the time to get sent to jail.

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    I'm thankful for the veterans who served or are currently serving our great country so I have the freedom to surf.

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    true that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    Thats why I carry a gun. .
    chill man its a little to serious to carry a gun , thank god i dont have death and murder on my mind constantly to cary a gun, but yeah maybe a taser brass knuckle or some old fashion bad ass kung fu incase homeless people with mad cow disease attack.

    but if your in the type of nieghberhood where u really feel in dager if you dont have a gun then by all means bear arms

    personally i would bugout if i knew i killed someone even in a small self defense issue

    GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE...chuck norris does

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post

    7. you better not pout, you better not cry and im telling you why... because DOH GREENMAN IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes!!! Thank the wave gods!!

    As for you waldo, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this thread? Are you looking for advice? To expose your story?

    If its advice, youre not being very receptive.

    If its to expose your story, youre being extremely unclear. Blundering on a forum and saying "f*ck cops" really won't do you any good. Maybe if you gave some clear details instead of alluding to what actually happened little by little which each reply would probably work a bit better. I'm not saying you need to drop any names, but i dont know you, or anything about what happened, so i have no effin idea what your talking about. Your rant comes off as immature and uninformed.

    Also, you didnt mention anything to be thankful for. Maybe you should have considered a different thread title
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    I'm thankful to God

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    Well right coast ripper if you read the thread correctly, never do i once say "**** cops" and that I clearly state that I'm thankful for people who don't lie , looks like you were just browsing and not actually reading . So this thread does have an appropraite title. This thread also is just to let people know what can go wrong with society and how it can prevent one from surfing. Your reply comes off as ignorant and inconcise. The details are also clear, I got falsely accused of a crime in a Wawa parking lot that simple. I guess your having just as much trouble as I am understanding how the situation ever arose.

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    Hey Waldo go talk to a lawyer not a bunch of surfers...get lost dude. In any case I am thankful for cops.