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    JS industries Blak Box

    Im thinking about buying this small wave short board for the summer but idk what size to get. The website says it ride 3-4 inches shorter than normal. Im 5' 9" 145 pounds. Any suggestions or reviews on this board

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    Sick board. comparable to a Robert's White Diamond or a CI Dumpster Diver. What are the dims of your standard short board? I'm 5'10 140 and would prob go with a 5'7-5'9 for the small to mid size waves we get here in NY. my standard shortie is 6'0-6'2.

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    i dont have a short board but ive been riding a 6'0 Lost RNF

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    if you ride a 6'0 rnf get a 6'2 blak box

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    id go with 5'7"

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    I'd go like a 56. Your standard short board at your height and weight should probably be around a 510.

    Of course this depends on your skill

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    5,7 or 5'8 fun sizes