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    frontal system timing

    Has anyone ever noticed the timing of the frontal systems, particular the quick shots of S/SSE swell are very often around the same time during the day.

    This swell headed up the Mid Atlantic on Wednesday... Looks like that offshore shift will hit Delmarva around 1:00, and then not to New Jersey to to right around 4:00 or so.

    This happens quite a bit... where New Jersey is just hoping for a few hours more of daylight or an earlier offshore shift... Of course this timing is not on all systems, but it does happen quite a bit. Coincidence?

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    It must have either something to do with the heating of the Earth's surface.... or just bad Jerzy karma....

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    i've noticed that too. but ive noticed that it happens a lot in early fall. most of the time i think its just coincidence

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    In the past, at least with the quick shot s/sse swells, it seems as if the frontal boundaries pushed off in the morning hours 12am-4am leaving us with dropping leftovers early and usually small/flat in the afternoon. As for lately, I see your correlation........La nina?Global warming/cooling? Daytime heating? Definitely seems cyclic either way.

    Just bring it overhead and offshore....during the daylight hours!