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    be grateful you have something to complain about. some of us were warm and comfortable all day (and wishing we weren't!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvin View Post
    My method is quick and I can warm in 5 minutes. Normally suit up in the car with heat blasting and a prewarmup and stretch. set up the dry clothes in order so they're ready when i finish the session. Normally 3 or 4 hrs in winter. The hardest part is taking off the gloves. Once that happens i start the car with heat blasting pull out my solar shower and hook it to the roof rack, drop a bamboo mat on the side of the car with the door open away from the wind. pull out my rubbermaid container for the wetsuit. Rinse off any sand and outer wetsuit. Stick the nozel of the shower down my suit to start warming up the skin and wetsuit. Makes it easier to peel off. Step into rubbermaid and start peeling the wetsuit into the rubbermaid so it winds up inside out. I wear patagonia capilene socks so the suit comes off easy. Do a quick rinse of my body or at least legs and Wrap around a mexican blanket while drying off and put on the dry warm clothes including longjohns head first. Of course the cold wind will dry me off in seconds. I normally only surf Chincoteague so I'm mostly alone except the thousands of snow geese. Kowabunga!
    thought I was the person who rocks long johns in the winter LOL