100ft World Record Wave, Garrett McNamara Surfing Nazare, Portugal


"If you take Jaws, Puerto Escondido and Waimea shorebreak and put them all on steroids... you get Nazaré." - Garrett McNamara WaveJet athlete and big wave world record breaker, Garrett McNamara (HAW), sits down with The Surf Channel Television Network to explain the monster waves that Portugal's Nazaré creates, including his scrutinized 100ft wave caught in January of 2013. McNamara has been surfing since his family moved to Hawai'i in 1978, growing up with talented brother and athlete, Liam McNamara. During the winter of 2002-03, McNamara won the Tow Surfing World Cup at Jaws in 70ft conditions. The Hawaiian big wave charger went on to catch a record breaking 75 - 90ft wave at Nazaré in 2011, then ventured back in January 2013 and caught another massive wave with a possible height of 100ft.

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