Margaux Arramon-Tucoo creates a world that suits her. She rides longboards in the era of ever-shorter. She paints kaleidoscopic rainbows of shapes and color that do not betray her first love. Though surfing and art are inexorably linked, she believes that surfers do not have to be surf artists. Instead, her entire world, from her pastel yellow Renault van to the clean lines she carves on her single-fin longboards appear effortlessly orchestrated — as though she bends the appearance of the universe to suit her whimsical mind. This speaks to the intangible magnetism Margaux possesses. It’s not record-breaking aerials or death-defying tow-ins that have garnered her international attention. Surfing is Margaux’s way of reconnecting with the essential, of speaking directly to the quietest part of the soul. Surfing gives what creating takes. Full story and photos↓

Local Area:

Aquitaine (view more Aquitaine surf videos)

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