Mark Healey - Biggest Paddle-In Wave Ever at Puerto Escondido?


With one of the largest swells to hit Puerto Escondido in at least 2 decades, the world's bravest big wave surfers made the trek to Mainland Mexico. There, in the city of Oaxaca, lives one of the most intense beach breaks in the world, known as the Mexican Pipeline. Big wave surfer Mark Healey was among the few surfers that paddled out at Puerto Escondido on May 3, 2015, what surfers are calling 'Domingo Grande'. As Healey says himself, this is the largest swell at this dangerous beach break he has seen in his lifetime, and big wave surfers certainly haven't always been attempting paddle-ins on days like this. With that in mind, it's almost certain that Healey's wave is the largest ever paddled into at Puerto Escondido. Filmed by NamHee Han, watch Mark Healey take the beating of a life time at Puerto Escondido as he describes his unforgettable ride in the video.

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