The Pope Visits the Jersey Shore


Free song download! Join the Party! Like us! Daily Pics! Daily Updates! The Pope visits the Jersey Shore between his trips to Washington dc & New York city. He enjoys fun on the boardwalk, surfing & more! Thanks for watching!

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New Jersey (view more New Jersey surf videos)

kelly slayer haha wow you guys killed this! I was going to say that this is NOT a surf video until I saw the end!! haha epic!
Sep 9,2015
Carolina Carver I saw a video similar to this back in 1991. He had the robes and the miter and the surfboard and everything.
Sep 9,2015
Riley Martin Hey flip me an 1/8 and I'll subscribe. Not really sure what you're so proud of with this video but hey, what do I know.
Nov 11,2015
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