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  1. lost round nose fish

    anyone ride these im 6'3 225 and looking to buy a lost round nose to replace my quietflight which is a 6'10 and paddles like a longboard too me i also have a 6'8 byrne shortboard i was wonderin if i could ride this lost in a 6'2-6'4 range

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    I'm 6'2 210 and I have a lost RNF 6'4 and it works fine. I tend to only ride it in punchy waist to chest with a little bit of sideshore on it. they are a bit more difficult to duckdive so I tend to go for my 6'8 thurster when it is over chest/shoulder.

    They are pretty good boards though. I saw a 6'6 at ride the wind surf shop in ocracoke. it looked pretty sweet.