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Thread: camera housing?

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    camera housing?

    Does anyone know about or own a universal type camcorder underwaterhousing at a relatively cheap price?

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    I dont think your going to find a universal housing. The size of the housing and the buttons on the housing need to match that of the camera.

    There are however some pre-made housings built for specific cameras. I dont know what they are off the top of my head, but do some searching and you'll find some. For instance, you might find a housing that fits a handful of sony mini dv cameras.

    The people I know that had camera housings, had theirs custom built. The custom housings are going to prob start around $800+.

    You can find "cheap" housings. I used a bag housing. It kept the water out, but unless your sitting in a channel, you run the risk of easily damaging your camera. They are primarily used for things like snorkeling and where the camera is not going to get josseled around. I did manage to get some footage with the bag housing, but you'll be much happier with a real housing.

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    Yo Ryan or Colin did u ever get u other housing fixed?

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    I'm assuming this is matt, and no, went sent it back and got our money back because they said they are having a recall on the elites, and another one of colin's friends, stewart, had that housing and it broke his camera, so ive been looking for another housing ever since but i still havent found another one i can use

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    camera housing

    There is a company called Epic that uses a very basic principle in there camera housings that make them very universal and cheap (or at least cheaper than basically everything else). I bought one about 2 years ago and they now make different versions. I bought the biggest one to fit any camera I might be using and it is kind of heavy but I was able to use it with bigger cameras. Most cameras today can fit in the palm of your hand so the smaller the better to keep the weight down. There is a base inside the housing where your camera attaches with a standard tripod screw, which most cameras have a hole for. On the back is a flexible rubber seal with a leaver that allows you to control your stop/record function. The functions of the housing are very limited but if you need something basic, this is it. The website is , take a look.