I lived in Puerto Rico twice for a total of 7 years leaving last in 2003. I taught my son how to surf there but he was still just barely learning how to drop in on little waves. Well he is 20 now and is better than I am and we are both wanting to come back for a father son surf trip. We've been to Jobos, Wilderness, and Surfers Beach and others in that area. Would like to know if Rincon, which for some reason we never went, is a better option for us though I know they are relatively close and we will be. Maybe because we lived on the other side of the island and those were the places we knew. My question is this, I know the surf season is from August until April but when is the best time, in between those months, to come for consistant waiste/chest to maybe head high surf and what location for those size waves. I know predicting surf is a crap shoot but I'd like to buy my tickets and set everything up soon with the best possibility of waves when we get there (I never paid attention to the calendar when I lived there). I would prefer a time when you don't actually need a wet suit. I hoping that I will run into some people I met there on the beach in the past! Love the island, loved the people I met there! Thank you for your help!!

Geno (Gene)