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    Things for sale...

    I have a 6 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2 WRV Slayer board in good shape with futures fins - I've had it about 8 months. There was a ding on the bottom near the rail that I've patched and sanded, and a couple little bumps on the deck (nothing cracked or even slightly major - the board still looks fresh) from my knees bumping it I guess. The ding was a result of my head hitting the board after I got sent over the falls at Wilderness PR
    It's a really fun all around board that has served me well but I have waaaay too many now and I'm trying to make sure I have more than enough cash stacked up for my winter trips/potential move.
    slayer deck.jpgslayer demensions (2).jpgslayer demensions.jpg

    I also am selling this size large quicksilver heated vest. Only used it a few times, made a big difference in warmth/comfort once I got a nice wetsuit, but do not expect this to magically cure a crappy leaking wetsuit. It comes with car charger, wall charger, battery, and box.
    heated vest.jpg

    I'm pretty flexible, so make a reasonable offers and it's yours. I live right off shore drive in Norfolk. Thanks!
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    Bump. Anyone interested?

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    How much and where are u located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MG202 View Post
    How much and where are u located?
    Make a reasonable offer on either. I'm in Norfolk, Virginia but Im willing to meet depending on location too.

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    I'll give you $250 for the Slayer, let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    I'll give you $250 for the Slayer, let me know.
    Sold, sent you a PM

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    Nevermind, not sold yet. Looking for $250 OBO on the board, $160 OBO on the vest.

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    anybody? Guess I'm gonna have to go with ol' craigslist and or ebay