I didn't throw this on the wetsuit thread because the traffic on that seems slow. And this is somewhat of a specific question.

So, for my birthday, I was offered a free suit. As excited as I am, I'm not sure if I want to 4/3 and later buy a hooded vest, or just get a 5/4 with a hood.

The two suits I'm somewhat torn between are the Ripcurl Insulator 5/4 with a detachable hood, ( http://ripcurl.com/?aid=7896 )

OR the Ripcurl flash-bomb 4/3. ( http://ripcurl.com/?aid=7879 )

I have a 4/3, but it's too small this season after trying it on so now, I'm left with a 3/2 full and a 2mm short sleeve full.

So to have a well-rounded year without having to buy another suit, do you think the 5/4 or the 4/3 are a better bet?
If I do get the 4/3 does anyone wear hooded vests under them in the winter, and how well do they work for you?

I think I explained that well enough.