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    Surfboards For Sale!!

    1. 5'6" Slug by Super, board is in great condition w/ a couple heal dings, comes with FCS PG-5. SOLD

    2. 6'2" Vintage Bahne Single Fin, Sea Foam Color, decent condition w/ original fin $200 obo

    3. 5'10" Xanadu X21 Performance Shortboard, Board is in good condition, heal dings on deck, SOLD

    4. 8'4" Vintage Skip Frye Semi Hull, good condition, one of only a handful ever made under the Underground Unlimited Label. $425 obo

    5. 5'2" Mini Simmons locally shaped, great condition made with Bio-Foam $235 obo

    6. 7'6" Firewire Advance, Excellent Condition barely ridden, SOLD

    PM me for any questions or to see pics!
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