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    Shark Attack Forum

    Shark Attack Forum, all things bitten.

    Shark Attack in NorCal .....

    And i saw this one about a week ago and wanted to post it, it's that bodyboarder that got eaten up last year. The way his friend tells the story, i guess you can't blame him for not going in the ocean for 9 months.....

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    pretty intense read..good share

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    Hey! I can finally contribute something!

    I caught a shark attack victim at NSI a few months back. Never made a surf edit (pretty gutless by the time I got out and started filming).. and this video isn't 'surf related', so I didn't bother putting it up on swellinfo... Only shot for about 5 minutes before it happened. I'm only a couple months into filming, so it's pretty amateur footage

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    thanks, mike.

    Glad you could contribute, swell lover...

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    crazy stuff...pretty chilling read

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    wow... I'd like to say I'd be able to paddle back out sooner than 9 months if that happened to me, but after reading this story I don't know. Thanks for sharing.

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    The fact that he ever paddled back out is an achievement, 18 ft white snackin on a buddy next to you, bad vibes/nightmares for life!

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    Chuck Noris attacks sharks...

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