as for activities in Tamarindo, we did a kayak tour of the estuary. Kayaked out to a little island just off shore another day. Did an ATV tour that took us through the woods to Negra, Avallanes etc..

We did the canopy thing on another trip where we stayed in teh cloud forest. Guesssing you could catch a tour to do one from Tamarindo, but might have to drive a bit.

You can do chartered boat trips etc etc... We did some stuff through the hotel, but most through Tamarindo Adventures. We ended up with teh same guide each time. We tipped him well the first time, and it made teh tours better. The ATV trip was much longer than it was supposed to be etc.. Was a blast.

Would have done more, but my wife just wanted to keep trying to we did that nearly every day. She rented a teal and pink Roxy soft top mini-longboard. We went to Grande for dinner, and had the board in the car. Waves were perfect...a few feet overhead on set. That was the only board we had with us, and there was no way I was going to pass up those waves. I had what was perhaps my most unstylish session ever. Got some strange looks and smiles, but no comments surprisingly. Board actually didn't ride too bad for what it was.