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    Yankee I don't owe you anything. Go back to the valley, man.

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    When all the NOYA tees are a huge hit on the boardwalk next year I'm taking the money and buying a private surf island. Stud, you and Erock are welcome anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    Lee, grow up, this whole "surfing" mentality or lifestyle is a joke. You guys live off VA or NJ and act like you live the lifestyle. You go to work, earn a living, and looks for fun things to do to kill time and make life fulfilling. Just like rest of us. If you were so hard-core you'd be living in Fiji or Sumatra, living off the land, and living to surf. It's this old clique mentality that makes us look back at high school and laugh at how stupid we were. We all just want to have a good time, I understand every now and then some new guy is a total douche or kook, but the exception doesn't make the rule. Just like I won't generalize one old guy (you) speaking like a child mad he has to share waves, or wear a leash, to ruin my opinion of the many cool older men out there in the line-up.

    This is a hobby for you and 99% of people on here, if it was a lifestyle, you wouldn't be spending your free time online on surf forums, doesn't really fit the whole "counter-culture" lifestyle you define a surfer as embracing. So let us enjoy it. Wear a leash, don't snake waves, help out a newbie, and shut up.

    Make the world a better place, don't punch every new surfer enthusiasts in the face!

    Lee, Lee, Lee...don't you get it yet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    When all the NOYA tees are a huge hit on the boardwalk next year I'm taking the money and buying a private surf island. Stud, you and Erock are welcome anytime.
    Let me know! I have no fear of purchasing plane tickets at a moment's notice.

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    keep trying yankee, I still don't owe you anything. outlook for VB is on fire this week too. Better break out the big guns.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    Was out last Sunday in the Northeast and it was just awesome. Warm water, warm air, pretty solid/consistent chest surf with some peeks flirting with head high, and a handful of guys out, everyone smiling, catching tons of waves, and chatting it up. Even heard a few "I'm going left" calls when two people were in position for a peek. SHARING! The Summer folk had gone. (Summer people, Summer not) Probably at J. Crew getting a pumpkin colored pair of corduroys and enjoying a delicious corporate non-fat Latte. You just have to deal with the fact that, come summer, come kook. If its August and there is an early tropical wave and 65 people are sitting on your point, you simply have to do what you have to do. To the victors go the spoils. Violence, however, is rarely the answer.
    I do have one big disagreement with the OP - Softball is awesome and so are leashes.
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    id like to address the issue of you kooks feeling the need to make a video every time you pissed everytime i go to watch a video on swellinfo,its some kook who cant even carve!!wtf is wrong with you people??you feel everyone should see how "good" you surf?your a fukin kook and shouldnt surf in the first place.sorry to burst your bubble,but your never going to even qualify to surf a qs!!just because i have to fastfoward through your shytty movies doesnt mean u can losers are more focused on landing an air reverse on video than the true aspects of surfing.surfing to me is escaping reality!!we live in fukd up times,and surfing is like smokin a blunt for me.u guys cant even carve!!you take off on a 2ft wave and get 3 inches of air so now u have to show the world.u know why guys like brett barley,nils schwiser,aaron cormican got sponsers??because they travel!!!you can go on youtube and watch brett barley surf 15 ft sunset,while u kooks are *****ing on the internet how kooks are invading your spot.if you hate kooks so much,hang up the board.i seen a recent video of gorkin surfing leslie on surfline,and at the end some kook gets stuck in a rip and tries climbing onto rocks to get smashed!!and il bet that loser is on this forum right now!!!so please internet surfers,stop posting videos of u surfing 3ft waves.when u surf 15 ft pipe,then il give you a round of applause.but until then,you are a kook.stop posting videos when you cant surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cepriano I've read your posts on here for a few months now; I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist but I think you are deeply disturbed and should seek some professional help.

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    if you can barely stand up on your board while trying to drop in on 2 foot mush closeouts, and you have got your>>>>>GOPRO on the front of your board, your a straight up KOOK!!!!

    Seriously BRAH, You suck so bad, but you got that GoPro looking right at you?! Really?! I asked the guy if he knew what Narcissism is. He said all surfers are Narcissist. I told him you have to be a real surfer first. "I am a surfer", was his reply.

    No, no your not. Not even close.

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    [QUOTE=cepriano;140659]surfing to me is escaping reality!!we live in fukd up times,and surfing is like smokin a blunt for me.[QUOTE]
    Yup, tones down the volume of the outside world.