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    Apr 2012
    buying a gun would be a big waste of money unless your a sponsored pro that gets boards handed to them.the east coast has no use for a gun unless your paddlin outer sandbars that can hold 15ft.another thing u must think about,surfing waves like that,your going to break boards like twigs.i made the mistake of tryin to surf a gun my 1st 2 years when i had no clue about surfing and there were nobody else around to tell me so,until i went to belmar one day and they looked at my like check this kook out lol.traded it in and been good ever since

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    Long Buried Island
    3-6 foot surf in NJ should be in your wheelhouse! Ride what is most comfortable to you and charge...dont think too hard and surf your balls off!

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    please get a 9 foot gun, please do it. Make sure you paddle out in waist high mush with it. I need a good laugh.