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    Arrow CJ Nelson 10'0" or August What I Ride 9'6"?

    Hello all from a Greybeard in rainy Fort Lauderdale, Florida - as soon to be hurrican Isaac rolls on by. I really enjoy this website and the many very talented and experienced surfers here, and I have learned a lot. I'd really appreciate your opinions and advice, but I'm under some time pressure.

    There are two nice used epoxy boards for sale now: the Arrow CJ 10'0" or the August What I Ride 9'6". The Arrow is 10' x 20" x 24 x 17 x 2-7/8 in, notable front concave, relatively square tail, large single fin, 50/50 rails, 77 liter. The WIR is 9'6" x 18-1/4" x 23-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 3-1/4, teardrop front concave, relatively square tail, 2+1 fins, 60/40, 81 liters.

    Now for me and our waters:

    South Florida is entirely beach breaks, and the Bahamas block most ocean swells, so it's mostly small wind driven chop and smaller (if not small waves), lots of mush. As for me, I'm 5'8", 185 lbs, a very fit 65 years old (bike, kayak, bodyboard, etc.). My goal is simple fun, sort of classic, smooth, slow and graceful cruising or carving I think you'd call it. Old man stuff, but just fine for me. I won't be entering the Billabong Tube contest anytime soon, lol. In time learning to walk the board, and maybe down the road a stab at noseriding.

    This will be a learning longboard for me, as I am nothing more than a very motivated beginner who'd like to get on a little stoke before my time is up. Thanks ever so much...
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