I just wanted to inform others of Dana Malee of Malee surfboards, that you should not purchase or inquire about custom shaping for Malee surfboards in tybee island, ga. About 6 months ago I inquired and invested $525.00 into a custom 5' 10" mini Simmons. I've heard of Dana through friends down in savannah and took a chance on his shaping and shaping abilitys. Unforchantly, I was ripped off, he closed shop and only refunded me $200. I recently heard that he is still shaping and taking people's money to fund custom boards and refunds them half there investment and no board. He dogdes phone calls, Facebook messages and other social media outlets. So beware don't get ripped off like me, and if your in the line up drop in on this thief and disgraceful person who gives the surfing & shaping community a bad representation.

Sorry for the rant