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    BIGGER guy! what board?

    I'm 6'0 215 and ride a 9'2 long board but am looking to ride a short board. Anyone have any advice on what to get. I've been surfing for a while now and have bought a couple of fish that didn't work for me and I got a 8'0 but i want to go shorter than that if possible? Any big guys out there with some good advice.

    OIB surfer

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    Haole Boy Guest

    Exclamation No worries bra!

    Hey bra, Just letting you know; I am 6'2"- 198 lbs. and I surf an "epoxy" JC 6'6". I'm not pro material or anything but, I just moved here to Florida about 4 mo. ago from the big island of Hawaii. I went to college out there for 3 yrs. It is easier to surf a smaller board in bigger waves, like Hawaii's but I still rip w/ it here in Fl. were the waves get head high at the most during Hurricane season....maybe bigger! If you are a bigger guy you just have to set your line a little quicker and apply more foot work, as is the norm. w/ smaller boards for anyone. If I was you I'd go w/ a 6' 10" board. It not so much the length but the width that will help you more. Being a little taller and heavier like myself the more surface area you have the better your balance on a shorter board! You'll get it. It will take a couple weeks at most to get used to! Either way have fun and shred the bureliness! Go Slater-**** Andy Irons! He's a winy, spoiled cry baby!- Shootz!