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    6/5/4/excel dry lock for them cloudy days with off-shores huffing at 20+ mph, wind chill in the teens nothing else will suffice. 7 mill. boots and 7 mill claw gloves, you have to be warm or it's no fun! January/Feb. can be brutal but also have epic conditions... better then any summer swell. IMHO stay warm!

    By the way I'm pushing 50 and have poor circulation, but I'll take solid Wilderness PR in baggies anytime in January over Dirty Jersey..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    ...never tried the heated vest but it looks good
    I borrowed it from a friend on a day when the water was in the upper 30's. I was going to stay home because the wind was heavy offshore and the air was also in the upper 30's. I was toasty for a few hours.

    I wish they made heated boots and gloves.

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    i wear 5mil boots & 3mil gloves w/ a 5.5/4.5 all winter, but my hands & feet don't get cold easily & i hate the way the thicker gloves feel.

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    xcel doesn't make a 6/5 drylock.. 5/4 drylock will get you through. just have good gloves and boots.. if you're paddling and moving and not sitting around like a buoy you're fine. unless u surf maine u don't need a 6mm suit and even some mainers wear 5mm suits

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    Ive web wearing a 4/3 every winter since I was 14. Get a good suit with a detachable hood so you can wear it in the fall and spring when it's a bit chilly. Obeill mutants are ok and so are rip curl it doesn't matter really as long as its sturdy. 5 mil gloves and 7 mil boots for those snowy days when club foot is sneakin in

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    i wear 5mil boots & 3mil gloves w/ a 5.5/4.5 all winter, but my hands & feet don't get cold easily & i hate the way the thicker gloves feel.
    same thing here.

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    As I've gotten older, I've gotten colder. When I was young I would get the winter with a 3/2, then 4/3, now 6/5/4.

    Comes down to individual tolerance. I needed a hood the other day, my buddy went the whole session with out one.

    Is the 6/5/4 over kill? Yes, but I'd rather be warmer. Whatever thickness suit - go with 7 mil boots and 5 mil gloves minimum for water under 45.

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    i wear a 4/3 5mil boots and gloved a 2mil vest and a 5mil hood all winter but usually dont surf for more that 2 hrs

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