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I've surfed there a bunch of times. It gets really crowded and usually there's a cross/onshore wind comin down the beach 15-20 mph but the surf can be really fun and its visitor friendly. The best surfing in PR is the west for sure...Rincon has some world class surf, and the wind is almost always offshore. Maria's is a really nice little reef break that's a really popular tourist destination. The surf scene is chill though. If you have to go to San Juan though Isle Verde is a long stretch of beach break that is pretty fun. The swell is supposed to be firing the next week, especially the west but the swell in the north will be bumpier. Still large though.
ok thanks im going to check that out but i still have 3 weeks till I'm in puerto rico.Just a few other questions i have, 1)ive never surfed anything beside nj and ny so i dont know what to expect with surfing a reef and what to do and not to do and if i should bring booties or not or just rashguard and shorts since its warm weather. 2) i have a bunch of other beaches nearby san juan/ in puerto rico and im curious if you know them or recommend and of those while im there to check out within a 30 min MAX car ride - La Ocho, Fiji, Sheraton, La bomba, Islitas, Chatarras, El unico, aviones, tacones, Pine grove, Punta las Marias, Caballos, Cochino, Kikita beach, Las pasas, La peinilla. If any of those aren't in san juan then tell me so i can cross those off a list i have of beaches surfable in san juan puerto rico. 3) i dont care if there kinda crowded because then i can talk to locals for some advice instead of being alone and not know how to surf a totally different place than I've surf since im used to sandy beach breaks. 4) if you have every surfed any of these islands i will be also visiting and if you can tell me some information about surfing whether there is or not there is so i shouldnt waste my time researching about it i would appreciate it tremendously- Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Samana, Dominican Republic.