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Please go on.

Based on the evidence you've provided, the "balanced central riding position and sweet spot" is only achieved in the steepest part of the wave. Until you're in the pocket the board is sluggish and is actually pushing the water in the videos you've posted.
That's not the case,although it has to be pointed out that lower speeds ( which one sees on flatter sections) always move the stagnation line back behind the leading edge of the wetted surface area more than at higher speeds. This is true of all surfboards.

The longer designs have superb gliding ability and frequently I can ride unbroken swells when the Malibu and SUp crew cannot. Once in steeper sections the boards do very well also.

I have many different longboard designs so it would help if you referred to the specific board rather than 'the board'

Please provide more factual, design based input on why and/or how you can claim that your "postmodern" surfboards are better than other surfboards that are being produced today.
I'm happy to get into the specific design features of my boards and what they do but have to point out that I have never said that that my boards are "better than other surfboards that are being produced today"

So you'll have to re frame your question.


When you make broad statements that say your creations are better than anything out there I ask you to prove it.
The problem there is that I have never said that.

It's a 'straw man' argument.