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    Whatta ya think about firewires?

    I've heard the best and the worst about them. Looking at a 6' alternator or a 6'1 flexfire....lets hear it!

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    I think they look awesome, the only thing is that the flex patterns of the parabolic rails (as with any board with this technology, not just firewires) takes a while to get used to, definatly a much different feel than your average PU board.

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    Anyone see their new exoCarbon board. They look interesting.

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    i rode my firends a few times. it rides like you are always in the "sweet spot" of the board. real smooth and fluid turning.

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    I have a 5'10 quadreflex and my brother has a 5'11 flexfire. I love firewires, they are all around sick boards. They have a great feel, awesome flex, really good response. they are really good boards. on the flip side they are really not as durable as they make it out to be. My bros board's nose broke twice, my nose broke once, and my board buckled in half. if that doesnt discourage you from buying the board, which I am not trying to do because I think they are great boards, then you should for sure get one. If I were you I would go with the alternator because it is a more resposive, higher preformance board than the flexfire which rides more like a fish. If you want a board with a similar feel and weight as a firewire, you should check out a bessel xrt surfboard. they are made from the same epoxy and pu materials as a firewire, glassed the same way, and also sport the parobolic stringers. the only difference is bessel puts in a thin carbon fiber tape along the stringer in places where the board is most vulnerable to break ( like the nose ). check out their website, . Most shops will order the board for you if you find one you like and if you are from ocean city, talk to chauncey, he's friends with tim bessel and he carries his boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sb4life View Post
    i rode my firends a few times. it rides like you are always in the "sweet spot" of the board. real smooth and fluid turning.
    pretty much sums it up right there
    tried a demo out when they first started comin out for sale
    loved it
    turns are insane
    you feel such a difference from other boards
    overall great board!

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    one of my buddies has a firewire and he buckled his nose twice and then buckled it too.. so id say the strength is compromised by its performance, but they do ride awesome.