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    Hayden sold....!!! Bumpity bump!!

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    pm sent about the proton

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    Haven't heard anything more about motorboat sent pm and def still interested.

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    All pm's answered...

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    Back up to the's answered. Will be posting some additional pics tonight of specific shots requested by a few of you.

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    Hey All,

    i wanted to answer a few common questions, and just providing some updated pics.

    *None of the boards have any open dings, damage, etc.
    *Im located near lumberton
    *Im 5'10"x165+lbs

    Wynn Go-pro mount/FCS plug and leash plug foil

    Wynn Resin-X Biscuit/gravy (go pro FCS mounts) 5'10\"x 19 3/4\"x 2 1/2\" foil shot:

    Personal Round tail Motorboat 5'8\"x 19 3/4\"x 2 3/8\" foil shot:

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    the sheetrock looks nice but where's my board? lol just kidding, frank

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    @santiago...oh...I didn't tell you that I'm selling that one too?! ;-)

    PM's answered--this weekend's looking to be fun...bump to the top!

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    Listing update...Personal Motorboat sold!! Wynn Resin-X biscuit/gravy pending...still a few for sale!!!

    Price drop on two of the boards below...

    CI Double Helix Proton 6'2\"x 18 5/8\"x 2 3/8\"--$300
    Wynn Resin-X HP twin 5'11x 19 1/4\"x 2 3/8\"--$175
    Personal Modern Fish 5'8\"x 19 1/2\"x 2 1/4\"--$150


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    I'll take the 5'8" Personal Modern fish for my son. Wil send you PM