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Post Op Update:

The procedure: Your are taken into the room with the lasers. The doctor uses a suction cup to keep your eye open while cutting the flap. (you dont feel or see a thing). He then moves you over to the correction laser. Depending on your vision depends on how long the laser fires (in my case 7 secs). As the laser is correcting your vision you get a the smell of burnt hair. The laser looks like a dentist light with a green laser in the center. Also, once its start correcting it looks like red static. After the laser is done, the doctor puts your eye flap back with a brush so gentil you cant feel it. Thats it!, surgery is DONE!!!! 15 minutes to perfect vision.

The recovery: Your suppose to go to sleep right after the surgery before the numbing drops wear off. Unfortunatly, I could not fall asleep and was in for a night of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! The sensation for the first 6 hours was that of burning hot GLASS in my eye. It was so painful I couldn't open my eyes to see. Afterwards, it got better hour by hour. Within 24 hours I could see 20/20 but still had a bit of discomfort. 72 hours later I still have a bit of discomfort but my vision has improved even more 20/15 according ot the doctor.

Overall thoughts: Day by day my eyes are healing and feeling more normal. I would suggest this to ANYONE who wears contacts and does any type of action sport. Its so great to be able to see BETTER than with contacts. Im going to have to train my eyes to stay open underwater now. I am so excited to surf. Although its a bit expensive you cannot beat the gift of eagle vision
excellent! glad to hear it went well for you...did insurance cover any of it or was it totally out of pocket b/c it was elective?