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    no pads/traction-just wax

    does anyone else just use wax anymore, even on standard hpsbs? i feel like i might be the only one...not a single board in my quiver has a pad on it. sure i've experimented w/ them here & there, but i inevitably always go back to simply wax, either by selling the board or ripping the pad off. i just don't see the benefits...

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    if you dont see the benefits in having a track pad with a tail block on your surfboard, you may not be surfing hard enough..tail blocks are the only reason why i need a tack pad on my short board..for everything else there's wax.

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    I don't use traction pads or leashes and I better not catch any body boarders at my lineup.

    Just kidding. When I first saw the post title I thought for sure it was gona be someone acting high and mighty because he didn't use a traction pad Glad to say it wasn't the case.
    I use a traction pad on my boards, but not on my longboard and I've only seen one person ever with a pad on their longboard. But I don't think you were talking about longboards.

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    Tailblock on a pad is pretty crucial for me when youre spinning (reverses,air reverses) even just hits off the lip but im not going hate on your call of just wax its just preference and style of surfing

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    I only put pads on my hpsbs and grovelers. Wax only on my fish, log, and big wave boards. I feel like unless I'm pushing my tail around... using a lot of lateral force... I don't need it. For me, fish and logs are about carving and flow, and gun's are about driving off the rail.

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    I personally like tail pads/tractions pads. Although I totally agree that they are not necessary. It is personal preference, but I like the way they feel under my foot. Especially when I have thick booties on, I can feel the board more and helps me get a better idea where my feet are exactly without having to waste time looking while on a wave. Also, for whatever reason, I feel like adding a tail pad adds extra float to the board. I know it doesn't really, or if it does its so minor it doesn't really have an effect.
    I removed the pad off one of my favorite boards to do some ding repair and rode it again before I put a new pad on. I actually really liked it and had a couple good sessions. But then I found myself at the surf shop this weekend and bought a new one. I immediately put it on and used it the next day.
    I say go for the tail pads... They make you look cool

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    Maybe I'll line up like a dozen of them on my log. Can't think of a better use of $400.
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    I've never had one, always have gone with just wax, my 1st board ever was 6'4" BAT and didn't have one but that was over 15 years ago, my shortest board now is a 6'10" WRV FunFish and i've never put anything but wax on it, but I have been thinking about getting one for my new board, which is a 6'4" Coil Flashback Fish and thought it may be appropriate for this particular board but haven't 100% decided if I want to have one or not. It's got the new "kick" technology so the extra grip from the textured surface may make it so you don't need one at all, but it seems most people have one so IDK.

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    I put traction on kook's windshields!! Locals only!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stayhuhnba View Post
    Tailblock on a pad is pretty crucial for me...
    This is the only reason I use one...I mean realistically they add no additional structural support/strength, wax provides as much traction if not more, and I find it incredibly odd to see a lot of guys waxing them up. However, tailblocks just give me a better sense of my foot placement...Case in point, I was always stepping off the back of mini a result...I'm sad to say I cut up a friends old pad just for the block for that board (flame away....).

    I like this guys pad necessary...