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Thread: Sealing Seams?

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    Sealing Seams?

    So I have this 3/2 which is just stitched, I was doing some research and found that theres stuff called seam cement and such used to glue seams on wetsuits, also heard of people using plastidip to tape seams. Anyone ever tried anything like this? Hoping to do all my seams if possible, any info is appreciated...

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    I have a a rip curl elasto-max 3/2 from 6 years ago (spent a few years in storage) that I have worn prodigiously in NOFLO this past year...seams (are/were glued) started going out figured I'd fix 'em up with $ 12 neoprene cement...good as new...I don't know about your suit but you'd be surprised the obscene footage of seams in that wetsuit...killed a can and didn't even come close to repairing/ re-enforcing them all (think I got the lower legs, lower back, crotch, chest, and cuffs) you're putting that stuff on a stretch material so it peals and cracks

    Advice: Just get a new suit or accept being cold (chose the latter cuz I'm broke)

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    I've used ok. I taped off a shoulder seam for a clean edge and painted it on (pull the tape as soon as u see it curing). Worked well enough in small applications--but I'm not sure how wel it'd work for a full suit.

    I'm with stranded on this one...3/2 are relatively inex*****ve and they're deals for them all the time. Check out whiskey, sesh day, wetsuit wear house....maybe ur local shop has one on the cheap as well.

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    Neoprene cement in a can is way too stiff to line an entire suit with. It's great for small repairs but definitely not a full taping.

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    damn okay, looks like I'm going to be cold for a little but I guess eventually I'll just give in and buy a new suit. Thanks guys

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