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"I don't mind that because of the increased caloric expenditure resulting from biomechanical impediment. Between that and the enhanced energy usage in the cold, I've got pretty lean from my sessions this past winter."

That dude trips me out man, I don’t think he’s from around these parts. He might be one them UFOs!

Don't knock it 'till you try it, I ain't never gonna charge Mavs or 3rd reef Pipe, but when the little man is green and there’s a line or two over his head, well sir, you know where I’ll be and that’s where the waves are ; ) You never know what you're capable of until you do it.

Come out to SoCal man, it kind of sounds like you've never been out here. I got a board I can loan ya. I like Florida ('cept for the Skeeters) and the East Coast is just fine, but there's a reason I reside here and it ain't the high cost of living or to be close to my in-laws. I live out here cause of the surf, everything else you can find somewhere else for cheaper, except for maybe California Burritos. I hear you can even get an In-N-Out Burger in Dallas these days. That's only a 6 hour drive from my place in Austin, which based on their logistical model says they’ll be down there soon nuff. Sadly, I have yet to find a decent breakfast taco or Texas style BBQ joint out here. Man, I am jonesin' for some good brisket.

On another note, my little sister got nibbled by a baby shark surfin off Pack Channel back bout 03 or 04. Nearly took off half her left hand. She's a nurse, probably would've ruined her career if they hadn't been able to stitch her back up. I think it took her bout 6 months of rehab and she's missing a good chunk of her pinky. Even a "minor" shark bite ain't nuthin to sneeze at.

Maybe I'm misunderstandin where you're goin here, but I'm an avid fisherman and hunter and as such I’m into conservation. Sharks are in serious trouble worldwide (admittedly not in U.S coastal waters) and so are blue fin. I don't fish for shark, cause I don't care for the taste or the texture; but I love tuna. I'd like to think that they'll be around when I'm long gone, but the numbers ain't lookin too good there bud. I think I read somewhere there's only about 10% of the blue fin there were when I was kid. Breaks my heart. I stick mostly to albacore and yellow tail these days. I know it don't make a difference, but I feel a lot less guilty. Seems to me that calling for the culling of an apex predator that has been over-fished doesn’t fit the definition of responsible conservation. However, being someone who actually fishes for shark, I imagine you’re more up on that issue than I am.
Dude, you are hilarious, your posts amuse me. But on a serious note, you're right about sharks, no bite is a good bite, and sorry to hear bout your Sis. Hope that doesn't keep her out the water. You're also correct in that I have never surfed out west, and I have never ridden a wave larger than 10ft, but I'm definitely not knocking it, and would definitely give it a shot a little down the road once I feel I'm ready. This new Coil is going to help me get to the next level judging by my last session, so it's just a matter of training and experience I believe. If its long period stuff and glassy I could see myself going for it. The more waves I get the more confident I'm getting, I just don't wanna bite off more than I can chew, ya hear?

Oh and thanks for the invite, will keep that in mind for my next surf trip maybe, going to pr next week...