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Thread: Favorite Fin ?

  1. Favorite Fin ?

    Whats your favorite fin and why?

    (if you have any fin related questions ask them)

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    I bet you love Churchill... I'm psychic.


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    Always been a Churchill user, but I'm starting to like my NOS Redley's....

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    I've tried OG Maks, the Hubb model Maks, and the Ally Mak-copies.

    Current go-to winter setup is a used pair of Maks I got off of Ebay. The heel straps and foot pockets are looser than a new set of Maks and work pretty well w/ 5mm booties. 3mm feels better though, not as tight.

    Current go-to summer fins are one Hubb Mak and one OG Mak. I like the Hubbs but the foam padding at the top of the foot pocket tends to deteriorate over time. The one Hubb I still use hasn't fallen apart as much as it's mate. I've lost 2 other OG Maks so this mismatched pair is just what's left over, ha.

    The Ally fins weren't comfortable for me at all. I have a pair of Churchill Slashers I am going to try this summer. So far they seem more snug that OG Maks.

  5. I love worn in churchills, I have a crazy worn in ones they were falling apart but they feel great, recently I was putting them on and the heel broke, drove back to my house to get a newer pair to surf. lol

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    TC redline.

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    Dafin works well.
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    Dorsal, definitely dorsal.

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    Churchill was my favorite until I bought MS vipers there lighter and have more power and if you ride dk and prone like me they are perfect

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    Churchill and ERS54 they are very good